My Crap Prayer

Edit: When I say “my crap prayer”, I don’t mean that I think this prayer is stupid, I just use the word “crap” a few times and it was how I felt at the time. There you go. You may have read my bible fast post last month. If not, please do before you read…

My Bible Fast

I’ve had a few conversations and read a bit about the various things people have been giving up for lent. I really didn’t have anything specific that I felt that strong about fasting. I don’t know what that says about me but I have given up one thing, kind of by accident. I’ve given up my quiet time.

The next Step

I wrote a few weeks ago that God had reignited the fire in me. That’s still true and I don’t want to you to think for one minute that it isn’t anymore. But there is one lingering question: What’s next?