My Bible Fast

I’ve had a few conversations and read a bit about the various things people have been giving up for lent. I really didn’t have anything specific that I felt that strong about fasting. I don’t know what that says about me but I have given up one thing, kind of by accident. I’ve given up my quiet time.

I’m still breathing

So this is awkward. I feel like the friend that you ran into a while ago and who promised to stay in touch and then stays quiet for one half and three quarters of an eternity. There have been good reasons for my silence – getting married, moving, massive Christmas with the family, honeymoon, starting…

Danny the homeless Guy

  I just found this video again and just have to share it. It’s one of the simplest and most powerful pictures of the church.

Matthew Mole – Autumn

  I’m really excited about this one. Matthew is busy shaking up the local music scene big time. The Capetonian became the first South African to top the SA iTunes charts (in his first week!) and has got the attention of media in the USA and the UK.