Church stuff that makes me nauseous


I’ve encountered a lot of stuff in church that’s really gotten on my nerves. Every one of these could make up a blog post on it’s own, but I don’t want to moan one post at a time. So I’ll just let rip and get it over with.

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Business Committees & Farmers

business committees vs farmers

First up, my disclaimer: I’m not suggesting at any point in this post that farmers are better than business men, or anything like that. This is a very simple metaphor, which I will explain now.

For the purposes of this post, the business committee is a picture of a lot of talk. It’s a group of people who make a lot of decisions without actually executing much themselves. Farmers on the other hand represent the salt of the earth people, who do the best they can with what they’re given, but  also rely heavily on outside influences that they have no control over. So what do these two groups have to do with each other or this post? Let me explain.

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