Church stuff that makes me nauseous

I’ve encountered a lot of stuff in church that’s really gotten on my nerves. Every one of these could make up a blog post on it’s own, but I don’t want to moan one post at a time. So I’ll just let rip and get it over with.

The Call

About a week ago I attended a conference in Durban with the title topic, The Call. I have to say when I hear Christians talking about callings I become somewhat skeptical because it can become very human-centric. We get so caught up in our destinies, that Jesus becomes a sub-theme, a name used to motivate us…

Business Committees & Farmers

First up, my disclaimer: I’m not suggesting at any point in this post that farmers are better than business men, or anything like that. This is a very simple metaphor, which I will explain now. For the purposes of this post, the business committee is a picture of a lot of talk. It’s a group…

Chris Tomlin & Lecrae – Awake my Soul

I could get really technical and specific about why I like this song from a musical perspective (e.g. I love strings in pop and rock music), but then this post would be 10 pages long and isn’t supposed to be  a musical thesis anyway. Besides the arrangements and melodies, I love the passage of scripture…

Response to an Aetheist – II

I assume at this point that you’ve read Response to an Aetheist I. If you haven’t you might want to go back and read that before you continue here. So with that, let’s look at the remaining arguments and views from Ricky Gervais, Why I’m an Aetheist.