Switchfoot – Who we are

  You may have guessed already that I’m a huge Switchfoot fan. Their new album, Fading West, has been spinning in my car non-stop since it came out in January.

Matthew Mole – Autumn

  I’m really excited about this one. Matthew is busy shaking up the local music scene big time. The Capetonian became the first South African to top the SA iTunes charts (in his first week!) and has got the attention of media in the USA and the UK.

Phil Wickham – You’re Beautiful

I’m not sure how old this song is. I heard (and sang) it for the first time a few weeks ago and could’ve sung it for the rest of the day. It’s the gospel in a beautifully poetic, yet simple nutshell.

Charlie Hall – Death of Death

Any song with the word “death” in the title probably comes across as morbid, maybe a bit aggressive or just depressing. So I find it refreshing that a song with TWO “death’s” in the title can be so hope-giving and awe-inspiring. Enjoy and also check out the story behind the song on Worship Together.