Learning to dream again – an update

My last post (before this past Monday) was almost exactly 2 years ago and, reading it now, I can’t help but smile. It was about learning to dream again, something that I struggled with at the time. So here’s an update. I hope it encourages you to dream again.

Play drums again and become better than I’ve ever been before

At the time I wrote this we had been in our new church for around 6 months and a few of my friends pushed me to join the band. I hadn’t played in a band for 4 years and hadn’t played drums at all in more than 2 years, so my confidence wasn’t exactly high. I played in one service a few weeks after this post and…yip it was pretty terrible. My wife had to push me out the door to get me to join in more rehearsals and I’m so grateful she did. With every practice session I got to know amazing musicians more, people that would become my friends, and with that my confidence grew… slowly. I’m so grateful for this experience and how God has used it to show me how much more He wants for me.

Find a new passion that surprises me

Late last year I started playing with the idea of doing my masters in brand design strategy. Until the end of last year I worked for a branding consultant agency and developed a passion for the human side of brand development and communication. The reason this is surprising is that I had always been very skeptical of brand strategies, mostly for the same reason most people are : Brand strategies are there to manipulate people. I now know better and want to delve deeper into what makes brands and their consumers tick.

Live in a place where the environment, people and culture surprise me every day

If you’ve read my previous post, you’ll know that this dream will soon become reality and it’s freaking me out somewhat. I’ve learned that God takes me seriously, even when I have no idea what I’m asking for.

Camp and hike in places that are totally random to me

Again, this will soon materialise. My wife and I don’t really know how to imagine our lives in Germany, but one thing I really look forward to is getting lost. It’s the best way to find random places and make memories.

Work more and more on the human side of branding. I’ll find whatever resources I can and learn as much as I can about it.

As I’ve mentioned, this passion has just grown over the past year. Since March I’ve been reading up on brand psychology and, specifically, the role of empathy in brand communication and design.

I also started lecturing at an Art college in January, so I deal with students every day and a big part of what I teach is branding-related. Explaining how brands work and the role of design in that process has given me a fresh perspective of much of the work I’d done over the last 6 years.

Never let my age define me and what I can do (i.e. Never think “I can’t do that now, I’m already XX years old”).

The whole Germany saga is seriously challenging my notion of having to achieve certain things by a certain age. Most people think of moving oversees as something you do in your 20’s. Most of our friends who’ve started families are younger than me, and yes, I still keep comparing myself. But this move to another country is pulling me out of my comfort zone in such a way, that I don’t have the energy or capacity to insist that my life should be the same kind of “normal” that other people’s are.

Become and expert in my children’s passions (e.g. if my daughter does ballet I’ll learn the names of all the biggest prima ballerinas from the last 50 years).

This is the only one that I can’t answer yet. Maybe I’ll have another update two years from today. Stay tuned.

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