I’m still breathing


So this is awkward. I feel like the friend that you ran into a while ago and who promised to stay in touch and then stays quiet for one half and three quarters of an eternity. There have been good reasons for my silence – getting married, moving, massive Christmas with the family, honeymoon, starting work again – but I’m not one for excuses. I’ve wondered what the first post would be to re-energise this blog and get this year going with a huge bang. And here it is. Nothing. Yes I have nothing.

I’ve gone back and forth about stuff that’s going on in my head, and I literally have nothing to say. And it’s actually kind of cool. Always thinking about life and everything in it, then trying to articulate those thoughts can become exhausting. And now, for the first time in a while, I’m allowing myself to just be. Not that the last couple of months haven’t been profound (getting married is still blowing my mind over and over again), I just don’t feel a need to dissect my thoughts into neat pieces that I can understand and share. This may come as a shocker, but I have been prone to overthinking stuff and I’m an expert at being hard on myself. Even now, as I’m writing this I’m tempted to dissect my non-thoughts and make something amazingly deep of them. But I will fight the urge, stop typing, switch off my computer and go home to my wife :)


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