Danny the homeless Guy


I just found this video again and just have to share it. It’s one of the simplest and most powerful pictures of the church.

Here’s the story:

Carlos Whittaker is a worship leader from Atlanta. He and his crew were out shooting a video for the release of his album, part of which shows Carlos singing the chorus from one of the songs, God of second Chances. In the middle of all of this a homeless guy comes up and tells Carlos to keep repeating the chorus. The homeless guy starts improvising his own lyrics and they start playing and singing off each other.

While the comments on Youtube are mostly positive, there is some scepticism. Some people question which god Danny is singing to (Jah is apparently the god of Rastafarians and has nothing to do with Jesus), others say the whole thing was a set up. I seriously doubt that it was staged and when I listen to Danny singing, there’s nothing to suggest that he isn’t worshipping my God. He calls Him Father. The only “religious” leader in history who did that was Jesus. He sings, “Mercy mercy mercy mercy…”. He calls God the one Creator. I’ve heard Christians singing about Jah (short for Jahova), but regardless, I just don’t see how this man is singing about anyone but my God. The fact that people are sceptical and trying to pick this thing apart just reaffirms to me how rare and special moments like this are.

To me this video is a picture of what unsoiled, pure muscial worship is – no status, no class system, no economic or racial divide…. just people worshipping the one God. Carlos mentions this man, who later introduces himself as Danny, a few times on his blog and says that the experience changed him. I can understand why. God’s working in our lives doesn’t necessarily always look that divine or profound. Which is why I love this video and the story behind it. An encounter with a simple bum on the street can sometimes show God’s character more clearly than many of the modern Christian things we run after. As Carlos puts it on his blog:

I could have kept staring at the goal.  The lens of the camera.  But when I took my eyes off what I thought was the goal, and looked into the eyes of a human being, the goal became Jesus and not a song.


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  1. pApOx says:

    Jah is the “representation” of God in Rastafari’s religion, where Jesus was the 2nd come of God, the 1st one was Salomon’s King and the 3rd one “Haile Selassie I” Who was the Etiophia’s King until the 1975… I dont believe in any religion, but, the Rastafaris are in my top 5 of best ones…

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