Matthew Mole – Autumn


I’m really excited about this one. Matthew is busy shaking up the local music scene big time. The Capetonian became the first South African to top the SA iTunes charts (in his first week!) and has got the attention of media in the USA and the UK.

What I love about this guy and his music is how honest and vulnerable it can be. You find a lot of artists who are decidedly worship leaders or mainstream artists and there’s nothing wrong with that. This guy though, manages to write and sing worship songs in a way that invites believers and non-believers around the same table, without compromising the message. The music is easy listening and the lyrics evoke thoughts like, “he’s reading my mind” or, “now why didn’t I think of that line?”.

Autumn is the first single from his album “The Home we built”, but watch this space, there’s plenty more to come from Matthew.

I don’t have the lyrics for you yet, so I’ll make up for it with some more videos.


Matthew Mole – The Home we built

Wedding Song


2 Comments Add yours

  1. bpeeters2012 says:

    there was some serious tapping and singing going on while watching this. I think Matthew might have found himself 3 South-African German fans in Leeds!! Love how genuine and real and down-to-earth he is. Simply doing something he passionately loves.

  2. Karlien says:

    Such a breath of fresh air! LOVE IT.

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