End It!


Now  here’s a growing movement and hopefully, you will hear about it everywhere. I will certainly do my bit. It’s called End it.

It’s hard to accept or even understand, but there are more slaves today than at any time in history. Approximately 27 Million to be exact. Hello?! Do we hear that? Slavery hasn’t been abolished. Adults and children are sold or born into situations none of us would wish on anyone and the world just keeps on spinning. Kids are raped for a few dollars. This is happening now as we speak (or type). Grown people and children are treated like property and work as forced labour. If this is hard to take in, I completely understand. Here are some more statistics if you can handle it (from enditmovement.com):

It’s been reported that 161 countries are affected by human trafficking, either as sources, transit centers, or destinations.

The slavery “industry” rakes in $32 billion dollars each year. That’s an underground network whose annual revenue is greater than that of Google.

On average, a child is sold into slavery every 30 Seconds.

80% of human trafficking victims are women, 50% are children.

The End It Movement is not a new organization, rather it is a movement that aims to make people aware of the problem and galvanize support for organisations that are already on the front lines (check out the list of partners on the website).

Spread the word, give, pray… hope.


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