Chris Tomlin (Passion) – White Flag

Today’s song was one the theme songs for Passion Pretoria this week. It’s just epic hearing thousands of people singing this so passionately and I’ve heard from many who were particularly touched by it.

Passion Pretoria – We’ll be that City on a Hill

Wow wow wow wow wow! What a day. It’s been three days since Passion Pretoria and I’m still trying to process everything I experienced. Answering the question, “What was this Passion?” is difficult, but I shall try. (Excuse the poor quality of the images. They were taken with a Blackberry).

John Mark McMillan – How He Loves Us

This has to be the most honest and raw proclamation of who God is. I never get tired of hearing it. It’s a constant reminder and encouragement for me to seek God and who he is more and more.

Witnessing into Suffering

I know I know, this hopping between two sides of the same coin is becoming a habit, but that seems to be the tricky balance of the Christian life. A few weeks ago I wrote about What to do with Prosperity. Now I’m dealing with the flip side: Suffering.

David Crowder*Band – SMS (Shine)

I will admit, I was embarrassingly close to tears the first time I heard this. Yes, as multimedia designer and animation fan the music video ¬†got me excited too, but mainly it’s just a great,honest prayer.