Switchfoot – This is Home

Time for a new weekly post. I’ll be posting music that’s inspiring, relevant and just plain cool. First up is THIS IS HOME by SWITCHFOOT. I saw these guys live a few weeks ago and to say they were mind-blowing would be an understatement. The song was inspired by C.S. Lewis and used as the…

The next Step

I wrote a few weeks ago that God had reignited the fire in me. That’s still true and I don’t want to you to think for one minute that it isn’t anymore. But there is one lingering question: What’s next?

What to do with Prosperity

Some of you may have heard of the term “prosperity gospel”. It’s an unfortunate trend in some churches where it is preached that God will make you successful and prosperous if you do something specific, for example giving money. Now I am 100000% against this belief, but what about the other extreme?

Holy Coffee

It’s strange how we sometimes over and sometimes underestimate our importance. The whole balance of God’s sovereignty and our role as his kids and ambassadors still confuses me. But every now and again, something or someone comes along to very gently show again that through it all God has a big smile that he wants…

And the Fire is back

For the last 6 months or so I’ve struggled with my relationship with God in a way that is hard to explain. But I will try. He seemed near but not interested, sovereign but not loving, majestic but not personal. At least that’s how I felt he was.